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Sentistocks predicting stock index price trends

For more than a year we have been publishing the results of our Bitcoin (BTC) price trend forecasts on our website and on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Not only Bitcoin

Recently, we have tested the prediction effectiveness of financial instruments other than BTC. First, the effectiveness of the Sentistocks tool was tested for leading stock market indexes. The tests covered the period May-September 2021 and focused on predicting the change in trend of average close prices over a 24-hour interval for the following indexes: SP&500, DAX, DJI, NASDAQ100, NIKKEI225, FTSE250.

Sentistocks – test results

The tests turned out to be very promising. The effectiveness rate of predicting the change of trends of the average close prices for all the indexes tested exceeded the level of 70%. Details are presented in the charts below.

Forecasting tools

The tests were performed solely on the basis of the Sentistocks Model developed by us. This model uses a proprietary Sentimenti tool that measures the intensity of 8 basic emotions and arousal in texts (mentions) published in social media in correlation with stock market data.

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