Case studies

Terra Luna price. Hey boss, did you ever see a more splendiferous crash?

Admittedly, Do Kwon, founder of Terra Form Labs, which manages the Terra / Luna network, is not the movie’s Alexis Zorba, uttering these words, but how well that title fits here. Project Terra emerged in 2018 and was formed by the Terra Alliance – at launch, a collaboration of 15 commerce and payments companies. Based on data from Crunchbase, the

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Plus Bank – crisis analysis

We show how the analysis of emotions is intensified by a discussion or crisis. We analyze the references to Plus Bank. In July 2019, we wrote the investigation about the extortion, financial problems and dismissal of key employees. However, highly emotional discussions about this bank have already taken place before. Plus Bank within the last six months We are starting

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Unlocking the Secrets of Banks’ Facebook Client Communication

Are banks allowed to express emotions in their communication with their clients, or is it in bad taste? It is customary to think that the best method of communication for offices and financial institutions is a matter-of-fact, dry and almost impassive tone. In public, however, they can brag about the participation of employees in marathons and charity actions, make an

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