Forbes 07-2023 | Like a thousand analysts who never sleep

Intro: Artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes markets with such speed, comprehensiveness and depth that humans can’t keep up with it. However, while AI tools can strongly bump up investment returns, for standalone computers to take over the reins – the technology has not yet matured. But there will come a time when analysts and managers will only limit it. Author:  Natalia

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Sentistocks has won the prestigious Trading Tech Insight Awards USA 2023

Poznan-based startup Sentimenti, a leader in sentiment and emotional analysis, has been recognized in an international competition. Their main financial product Sentistocks was recognized by the Trading Tech Insight Awards USA 2023 taking first place in the “Best Matching Engine for Cryptocurrency Trading Venue” category. Sentistocks, which is a Sentimenti service, through the use of sentiment analysis, makes it possible

Read More » | How to use artificial intelligence for investment purposes?

Intro: Artificial intelligence is already being used in various spheres of our lives – in manufacturing, in industry, in medicine, and perhaps most importantly in analyzing large data sets. But is it possible to use it in investing? Can it suggest how to manage funds? Author: Szymon Machniewski Place and date of publication:, 17-05-2023 Article link (Polish) Article to

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Forbes 05-2023

A sad person will complain and, at most, will not shop a second time. When someone is angry – they can move to action: discourage others or go to court. So Damian Grimling’s company taught artificial intelligence to define real emotions. Now it is helping corporations recognize customers’ feelings, and stock market players how to invest…read more in Forbes 05-2023.

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Puls Biznesu | SpeedUp wants to predict stock prices

Intro: The fund has backed Sentimenti, a company that forecasts bitcoin quotes, among other things, based on the emotionality of online postings, with capital. It is preparing it for another round. Author:  Mariusz Bartodziej Place and Date of publication: Puls Biznesu, 14-07-2021 Article link (Polish) Article to download (Polish)

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Banking Magazine | Artificial intelligence analyzes emotion in text

Intro: The Sentimenti company has created a tool that very accurately analyzes the emotion of trends in financial markets – Sentistock. It very quickly found its application in trading financial instruments, i.e. stocks, para-currencies (Forex), but also cryptocurrencies and stock indexes. Unlike competing solutions, which only focus on determining whether the tone of a text is positive, neutral or negative,

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