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Sentistocks has won the prestigious Trading Tech Insight Awards USA 2023

Poznan-based startup Sentimenti, a leader in sentiment and emotional analysis, has been recognized in an international competition. Their main financial product Sentistocks was recognized by the Trading Tech Insight Awards USA 2023 taking first place in the “Best Matching Engine for Cryptocurrency Trading Venue” category.

Sentistocks, which is a Sentimenti service, through the use of sentiment analysis, makes it possible to predict the prices of financial instruments with incredible accuracy. Until now, there has been no tool available on the market that works in such detail in behavioral finance. The tool developed by the Sentimenti team considers as many as eight basic emotions, sentiment and emotional arousal in its AI and ML-based analysis. With the ability to analyze in 17 languages, with the accuracy of a statistical human, Sentistocks transforms emotional data into valuable market information.

The Sentistock tool, which we have been developing since 2020, allows for incredible precision in predicting the behavior of financial instrument prices. The constant work of our team on the product and its improvement has allowed us to achieve a level of accuracy in predicting the change in the trend of prices of, for example, shares of companies from the floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange reaching 78% accuracy, and in the case of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange rate it is more than +109% net gain since the beginning of ’22, with the Bitcoin exchange rate itself falling -38% in that time – comments Damian Grimling, CEO of Sentimenti. The award in the Trading Tech Insight Awards USA 2023 is simply an honor and great pride for us. The international community of experts has not only recognized our work and its effect on Sentistock, but also recognized that we are simply doing it right, adds Grimling.

The Trending Tech Awards USA initiative itself is one of the most important awards in the financial industry. In previous years, winners have included Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, Bloomberg, Moody’s Analytics, Bitfinex and Coinbase Pro. Sentimenti, joining the ranks with this award, places the company among those shaping the future of the finance industry. In addition, it is a signal for the very field of behavioral analytics technology, towards which the financial market, especially the investment sector, is looking more and more boldly.

In the near future, the Sentimenti team will focus on refining the product able to offer even greater precision, as well as implementing the solution in the financial sector on a larger and international scale. The company is currently focused on further scaling its subscription model and launching its first investment fund. It will be based on behavioral analysis, to which it is inviting investors interested in modern investing – the hundreds of thousands of USD already invested in Sentistocks’ client portfolios is a good omen for the future.