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The world’s only API for behavioral data, processing real-time spontaneously expressed emotions and sentiment in financial markets. Instead of late information from surveys or articles, know here and now what the mood is around a financial asset and use it.

For institutional investors

we offer our behavioral analysis in 4 packages

Basic Service

It covers the top 15 CMC coins (BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, LTC, DOT, BNB, DOGE, SOL, LINK, MATIC, TRX, XTZ, AVAX, SHIB). We analyze all mentions available for these assets on Twitter and Reddit. The data is exhibited in the interval every 24 hours.

More Options

It includes the same assets but exhibited in the interval every hour (the data appears in the first minutes after the close of a full hour, so that the data can be used, for example, in predictive models).

Predictions Service

Each of our 15 monitored tokens also has our average closing price prediction. They can be used to build your own trading strategies or signals for trading bots.

Bespoke Features

We can add any assets indicated by the client for individual analysis. This service costs an additional fee per coin/account and can only be added to a More options plan.


Check our documentation to see what can you get from our API. It is available under

Example data

If you are interested in our emotions data, make sure to check our demo available under

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If you need some more data available in our API or would like to talk about potential partnership, do not hesitate to write to us.