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Start your financial journey with Senti-Bot and join our exclusive affiliate program. As our customer and partner at the same time, you will not only benefit from Senti-Bot’s advanced features, but you will also receive attractive commissions for every subscription purchased by advertising with us.

This is a unique opportunity to increase your income while helping others succeed in the market. Join us today and start earning by recommending the innovative solution that is Senti-Bot!

How it works

Become an affiliate of Senti-Bot and start earning today! With our affiliate program, for every paid subscription you refer by advertising us, you will receive a minimum of 33% of its value saved in your affiliate account. It’s a simple and effective way to generate additional income.

Refer us to just three new customers and pay your subscription that way. Or pay the amount for any other purpose.

Check the details in our terms and conditions and join the ranks of satisfied partners who are already benefiting from our program. Senti-Bot not only facilitates trading, but also offers a unique opportunity to earn.

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Recurring commission

Advertise our Senti-Bot and thus receive as much as 1/3 of the remuneration of a customer referred to us.


Easy money withdrawal

Have us make a withdrawal and we will take care of the formalities and in a short while you have the money in your account.


Powerful tracking

View your referrals and control revenue through a dedicated panel.

Early access to updates

Be the first to enjoy new features and improvements to our services.



As a partner, you can promote the most advanced algorithmic trading tool based on behavioral signals (emotions). You can also improve your lead generation skills, strengthen customer relationships, generate additional revenue and become a leader in algorithmic trading. We are looking for partners in the field of advertising and digital marketing to help us achieve our business goals and reach a wide audience. We work with individuals and companies. So if you are interested in new opportunities for joint marketing, join our partner program now!

To be trustworthy, it’s a good idea to know and try out Senti-Bot. This way you will find out if you like our service and make sure it works for you and the people you refer.

For this reason, the condition for participation in the affiliate program is to remain our customer.

Our Affiliate Program is free for everyone. You will get paid for successfully advertising to new customers.

The commission structure at Sentistocks is very simple and is based on a fixed share (percentage) on paid customer subscriptions. You can earn 1/3 of the price of Senti-Bot for life for each customer you help discover Senti-Bot.

All payments are made via bank transfers. We usually make the payment in the middle of each month.

The cookies track referral links and last for 90 days after clicking on them.

Let’s assume that you are already an advanced Senti-Bot user. If that’s the case, the Affiliate Program may be the perfect solution for you, especially if you’re interested in agency programs, strategic partnerships or expanding your service offerings. As an affiliate, you can receive a commission for each new customer you advertise Senti-Bot to, which can help increase your revenue share.

This program is designed for existing clients, consultants, influencers.

To be successful, you need to deeply understand Senti-Bot and its capabilities. It would help if you also have a strong network of clients or contacts who could benefit from using the tool. Communicating the value of the tool to your audience and responding to their questions and concerns is critical.

If you need sales training, contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and materials.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing has too many benefits for companies to ignore. Joining our program is a great opportunity for companies looking for new marketing partnership opportunities or looking to expand their service offerings. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to earn a commission by recommending a tool that helps customers make money in the world of cryptocurrencies.

If you’re just getting started with affiliate and partner marketing, you may be wondering how to get more traffic.

To help you out, we’ve put together some simple ideas to help you get the best results as a SentiStocks affiliate:


Write a Senti-Bot review

Reviews are powerful. 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. Your reviews can generate traffic and increase your authority in the industry by providing value and expertise.

If you want to get the best results as a SentiStocks partner, a great way to achieve this is to write a product review that discusses Senti-Bot’s features and benefits. This will help educate your audience about what SentiStocks can do for them and help you convert more readers into customers.

Not sure what to include in your review? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • What problems did our service successfully solve?
  • Did it meet your expectations?
  • Is Senti-Bot worth the price?
  • Would you recommend Senti-Bot to a friend


Create a video tutorial

Video content is very popular, and incorporating it into an affiliate marketing strategy can bring significant benefits. To create an effective campaign, consider using full video marketing campaigns showcasing your brand and its offerings. Detailed video analytics can help you track the effectiveness of your videos and make informed decisions to improve their effectiveness. To make sure your videos are easy to find, it’s important to implement SEO tactics to increase their visibility in search engines.
If you want to offer customer education as part of your exclusive content, you can explain how our Senti-Bot can help investors manage their funds within. You can also detail the various features of the tool and show how to use it.

Remember to add an affiliate link in the description of your video to discover new revenue opportunities and support your growth.


Include Senti-Bot as part of comparisons with other solutions

Comparison articles and listings are desirable content in the affiliate space. Like reviews, they can increase your company’s web traffic and authority and help generate more customers.

Comparison articles are a well-organized collection of notes on at least two products or services. They provide readers with the necessary information to make informed purchasing decisions.


Promote Senti-Bot through newsletters

You may have heard that email is the most effective online marketing channel. This simple fact makes it wise to use email marketing in your affiliate marketing strategy.

To create effective email newsletters that promote Senti-Bot, pay attention:

  • Start with a catchy headline that will grab readers’ attention
  • Write clear and concise text explaining the benefits of using Senti-Bot
  • Use images and videos to illustrate how Senti-Bot can help you make money online
  • Include a solid call to action (CTA) encouraging readers to sign up for a free trial period


Repurpose existing content

Continually creating new content is difficult, but existing content also often reaches its full potential only the next time around. Make the most of your content by repurposing it to work across several platforms.

Use this technique to increase affiliate sales by reaching a larger audience and capturing the attention of observers you missed the first time around.

Here are some examples of content reuse:

  • Create interactive content, such as infographics, based on the key takeaways from a blog post.
  • Cut your YouTube video into chunks and create a mini-series of short videos on Instagram or TikTok.
  • Use key quotes from the blog post to create unique images for your social media profiles.
  • Create an e-book that combines content from several related blog posts or landing pages.
  • Write a guest post on an external site.

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