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Sentistocks is an advanced and globally unique BOT that predicts future price based on market emotions.

Every 15 minutes. For 2 years. With an efficiency of >79%

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Easy and flexible investments

AI-based price prediction

A unique bot to assist cryptocurrency traders, which uses market emotions to determine which operation (SELL/ BUY/ HOLD) is best at any given time.

It is thus one step ahead of the market.

Every 15 minutes, continuously for more than two years, it supports decision-making based on emotions as measured by mentions.

The best strategy on the market

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After many months, even years, we have developed the perfect strategy for each moment in the market.

On a microscale, our bot actively monitors emotions in the market and makes decisions based on them every quarter of an hour.

On the macroscale, our analytics team monitors and dynamically adjusts SentiBot’s strategy to the changing market.

Emotional analysis for better insights

SentiBot is the result of a collaboration of linguistic engineering, psychology, neuroscience and AI using deep neural networks.

It is based on two models: 8 basic emotions, proposed by Plutchik, and the classical sentiment model with a scale of polarity (positive, negative) and arousal for any text.

In mood we trust,

Predictions for BTC price

Keeping emotions under control is the key to profitable investments. By applying our automated emotive analysis to your investing process, you will get additional and deeper inshight about Investor Sentiment. Get rid of FOMO and FUD and gain regular rebalancing. Our scientific studies conducted on over 20 000 of participants, connected with over 3 years of hard work and artificial intelligence allowed us to create that amazing and powerful tool. 

AI training

Based on emotions in texts


Basic emotions, sentiment and arousal


Millions of mentions analyzed


Average price prediction accuracy for last year

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