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Senti-Bot in May 2023

May was another month of Senti-Trading-Bot action on the Binance exchange for the BTC/USDT pair. It was another difficult month this time due to the apparent “flattening” of investor emotions, affecting the level of the bot’s action.

SentiBot results

Analysis of the results for the last 12 months (June 2022 – May 2023) shows that even in this period, the efficiency of SentiBot with a conservative strategy (+51%) exceeds the results possible with a simple breeding method (-11%).

Evaluating the bot’s efficiency over 12 months, it is clear that in May it managed to reduce the effect of generating losses. Unfortunately, it has not yet been able to generate a profit. The reasons for this are primarily attributable to a significant “flattening” of investor emotions measured in one-hour periods, which are the basis for predicting changes in the trend of the BTC price. In contrast, fluctuations in the intensity of emotions over shorter periods were more pronounced. This caused emotion measurement and price predictions made on an hourly basis to act with some delay.

Despite these unfavorable conditions, Senti-Trading-Bot’s performance (over 12 months) in terms of average profit level on closed positions (+2.49%) far exceeds the average level of losses (-0.54%). Also noteworthy is the profit factor, which stood at 1.61 at the end of May 2023. This factor is defined as the sum of all trades with a profit divided by the sum of all trades closed with a loss. A profit factor above 1.50 is considered good enough, and above 2.0 is considered ideal.

Results of the first commercial SentiBot (conservative strategy)

Below are Bot’s results for our first commercial client with a conservative strategy (launched in September 2022).

At the end of May, the profitability of the strategy based on breeding was lower than the bot’s efficiency. It should be noted that over the course of these nine months, in addition to generating profits, the bot successfully protected the investor from the spikes in the BTC price that occurred in November 2022 and March and May 2023.

SentiBot new version very soon!

The situation observed in both April and May led to the intensification of work on a new version of Senti-Trading-Bot allowing sell / buy operations to be carried out every 15 minutes (so far this is done every 1 hour). Completed tests prove that the new version of the bot allows to significantly increase both the number of closed positions and their efficiency. We anticipate production implementation of this version in the second half of June.