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Senti-Bot in December and all of 2022

The cryptocurrency market has seen big declines in 2022 due to various factors such as the war, COVID-19, and the collapse of LUNA, FTX, Alameda Research, and Celsius. Is it still possible to make money in this market?

Introducing Senti-Trading-Bot: An effective investment tool for Bitcoin

Our team of analysts and researchers have developed a tool that allows you to successfully invest in Bitcoin, even in a market with a downward trend. Senti-Trading-Bot comes with two pre-programmed strategies: dynamic and conservative. Currently, the conservative strategy is being used, and it has shown good results so far.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of Senti-Trading-Bot, we compare its performance to the HODL strategy.

In the 12-month period of 2022, the reference bot increased the value of capital employed from 100% to 142.7% – achieving a net profit of 42.7% (profit including exchange commissions). In the same period in the HODL strategy, the capital would decrease from 100% to 42.4% recording a loss of -57.6%.

Monthly results of Senti-Trading-Bot

The efficiency of Senti-Trading-Bot can be seen in the graph of changes in the amount of capital employed. It’s worth noting that in 9 out of 12 months, the bot generated profits, while in the HODL strategy, such months would only be 5, with significant losses in the remaining months.


Analysis of closed positions

Over the 12-month period, the bot recorded 109 closed positions (executed 218 orders). The ratio of closed positions with a profit to closed positions with a loss is positive at 1.02. The average profit achieved on a closed position was 1.67%, with a loss of -0.35%.

It is difficult to predict what 2023 will be like for the cryptocurrency market. Some experts believe that Bitcoin will remain in a sideways trend at best, with a higher risk of a slump and a decline in value. In light of this, all Bitcoin holders should consider their options, such as holding their funds in a cold wallet, converting them back to fiat currency, or using a conservative earning strategy like Senti-Trading-Bot to potentially earn despite declines.