Don’t invest your own emotions in the stock market. Invest in a bot. 🫶

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We have two strategies, prepared for different stock market scenarios – a bull market and a bull market. BTC/USDT on Binance. Check which strategy is best for you. Both are doing very well. Conservative more for bears 🐻, Dynamic more for bulls 🐂.

Dynamic Strategy

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Conservative Strategy

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How does it work?

Human emotions are bad advisors, especially in financial markets. Major funds are taking advantage of the benefits of behavioral finance by measuring sentiment. They know that action follows emotions.

Our SentiBot reads investor sentiment. A unique crypto trading bot, which uses market emotions to determine what operation (SELL/BUY/HOLD) is best for a given moment. Therefore, it is one step ahead of the market. Every hour, continuously for more than two years, it makes decisions based on the emotions measured in mentions.

How does it do it?

A total of 5 years of work by top scientists, 8 basic emotions, dozens more emotions, 14 million tweets and 15 million candles to train an artificial intelligence model to forecast the price of BTC. That’s how our power couple – Catherine the Machine & AI-fi – was created. Heart and Reason.

From now on, you can also take advantage of this. Choose one of three subscriptions and regain power over your emotions. Use them better, it’s a shame to waste them on the stock market.

Catherine the Machine

Our first AI, the NLP engine. She is the one who reads each of the eight emotions, sentiment, and arousal, tirelessly doing so on thousands of arbitrarily long texts, simultaneously, in a dozen languages.

She can read the context of an utterance, understand emoticons, acronyms, overtones and temperament. By understanding context, Catherine can also categorize texts.



Our second AI, the forecasting engine. AI-fi* – an open-batch prototyping module.

For now, combining emotional data (based on Catherine the Machine’s emotions) from mentions shared on social media with market prices of a given asset allows AI-fi to find correlation and predict the rate.

Open ended, modular, ready for any market, language, or country.


What do we need to get and what do we give?

# We connect to your account through API keys.
# You receive from us a preview of the bot’s trades with results and its history.
# You get full support from us, both at the start and during the use of the bot.