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The foreign languages in Sentimenti

Foreign languages analyses will be available in Sentimenti soon! In January, we announced the implementation of the English language. And it’s true, the works on that matter are at a very advanced stage. But when we sit at home, instead of working in the office or at the university, we face different challenges in our team.  We are playing games, servers and graphics cards too, our artificial intelligence does not get bored (we called her Catherine The Machine in the team).

You know that for us our mother tongue is the most important. Our machine is with us from the very beginning of the project. This January, we started working on implementing English. We have informed you about this interesting challenge in the news, with the goal of implementation in the spring.

But 2020 was not very fortunate so far for all of us, so we thought we had a little more time. For those, who like challenges this is the ideal situation. We made them out of all this… SEVENTEEN. In particular: Czech, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Estonian, German, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Slovenian, Turkish.

Yes, yes – so many foreign languages in less than a month! Is that all? No 🙂 – in the short list of foreign languages, there are more or less exotic languages in the advanced stage of our research: Chinese, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Japanese, Bulgarian, Swedish, Belarusian, Ukrainian, just to name the few… in total more than NINETY languages. We have some busy times over here!