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Czy można było zarobić na Bitcoinie w 2022 roku?

The crypto market is seeing big declines in 2022. But is it possible to make profits even in such a trend?

Senti-Bot as an effective investment tool

After months of testing, a tool has been launched in production that allows successful Bitcoin investing.

The tool is a bot with a programmed conservative strategy. The conservative strategy is designed for a market affected by a downward trend. Its effectiveness can be seen especially in the long term.

The effectiveness of the tool and strategy is presented by the reference bot. In addition, the bot’s performance is compared with that of the HODL strategy for comparison.

In the 10-month period of 2022, the reference bot made a profit of 46.7% (net profit, including exchange commissions). During the same period, the HODL strategy recorded a loss of 50.2%.

Analysis of closed positions

During the 10-month period, the bot recorded 99 closed positions (executed 198 orders). The ratio of closed positions with profit to closed positions with loss is positive at 1.11.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that Senti-bot also has a dynamic strategy for growth markets. You can independently analyze the results for both strategies on our website.

Are you interested in our Senti-Bot? Would you like to use it? Get back to us!