Connecting Senti-Trading-Bot to a Binance account

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…for purchasing our service. We believe it will be with you for a long time and help multiply your capital, keep fingers crossed!

Below you will find instructions for connecting your account to our bot. If you need additional help, get back to us at or by chat, available on the homepage.


Prepare Your Binance account

    • When you have verified account, you should open and found USDⓈ-M Futures Perpetual account (Futures account) with USDT (How to Open Binance Futures Account, How to Transfer Funds to the Futures Wallet). You can buy USDT on your main account, and then transfer it to a Futures account. We suggest funding your account with a minimal amount greater than 0.002 BTC (e.g. 110 USD at the time of writing the instructions. The current minimum is available at this link).
      Important: For now, Binance blocked card payments in USD, but you can directly pay for USDT by card or buy EURO by card and convert it to USDT.

Ważne informacje

    • By generating and sharing API key, you agree to participate in the tests of Senti-Trading-Bot. We make every effort to ensure that the Senti-Trading-Bot is error-free and generates good financial results. However, the entire risk related to connecting Senti-Trading-Bot to the user account is with the account owner and the company Sentimenti Sp. z o.o. is not responsible for any loss or damage caused using Senti-Trading-Bot on the user’s account.

    • You can withdraw your consent for Senti-Trading-Bot access at any time by turning off the API key in Binance settings or by sending an e-mail with a request to disable the service to

    • While Senti-Trading-Bot is connected to your account, you cannot do any operation on this account that are not related to currency pair used by bot. It means that, for example, you cannot make any operation on pair ETH/USDT or other pair not supported by Senti-Trading-Bot.

    • Operations performed on the currency pair that Senti-Trading-Bot is playing on should be limited to absolutely exceptional situations – otherwise the bot will not achieve its actual effectiveness.

    • It is worth remembering that all operations on cryptocurrency exchanges (including Binance) are charged with commissions. If you deposit funds, you have to expect that their withdrawal will also be charged a corresponding commission.

Generate an API key

Senti-bot requires (1) API Key and (2) Secret Key to be able to connect to your account (Important: Secret Key is visible only during API Key generation process and there is no way to get it back when you lose it, so it’s important to write it down somewhere). To generate both keys, you have to follow the instruction “How to create API” and set the following settings:



Give us the API keys

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In principle, even unwanted access to both keys, with settings as we described above, does not entitle you to withdraw funds from your account.


The bot’s access to your account is limited only to Futures options on which the bot trades. With the indicated settings, withdrawals, loans, transfers and other forms of interference with the user’s account and wallet are not possible. In addition, access is limited to the specific (indicated – IP address of our servers where the bot is installed.

Additional settings

Conversion to USDT

For unknown reasons on the Binance side, it is important for the bot to initiate the first transaction via USDT. Therefore, if you have BTC in the account connected to the bot, convert it to USDT. This operation is not charged with a commission.

(One Way Mode / Hedge Mode)


Cancellation of service

If you wish to cancel our service, please use this page (LINK).