Get to know each other - about us

Who we are

We are a group of scientists and business oriented people who shared a common goal – to create a tool able to automatically identify emotions from written text.

With the patience and meticulousness of researchers, smart business decisions and the support of an experienced team of developers, we have created Sentistocks an advanced and unique on a global scale tool that analyzes emotions in different languages.

Emotions are present constantly in our daily life. Thanks to them we can differentiate between things that are good and worth the effort, and those which are better to avoid. Sentistocks measures the emotions around companies, brands, products, currencies and stocks to give you deeper insights about their market situation, which will allow you to make smarter investment decisions.

Our team

The SentiStocks project is part of Sentimenti challenge implemented by four teams of specialists: psychologists, linguists, IT specialists and management specialists.