New instruments and financial assets

Building, testing, and implementation of new predictive models for selected financial instruments of regulated markets (FX, equities, indices, commodities), including underlying investment strategies

Senti-Bot for Bitcoin

Building, testing, and implementation of a predictive model dedicated to Bitcoin. Construction of a tool (bot) for algotrading.

AI-Fi | second AI Model

Our second AI, forecasting engine. AI-fi* - an open-batch prototyping module. For now, combining emotional data (based on Catherine the Machine's emotions) from mentions shared on social media with market prices of a given asset allows AI-fi to find correlation and...

VC preseed + seed investment

A reputable Polish VC fund SpeedUp knocked on our door, wanting to support our development. After a long process of negotiations and arrangements, we came to an agreement. In the preseed and seed rounds, we not only received a strong partner, but also an injection of...

New Languages

We made them out of all this… SEVENTEEN. In particular: Czech, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Estonian, German, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Slovenian, Turkish. Read more in this article.

Katharine The Machine | first AI Model

Our first AI, the NLP engine. Artificial intelligence with real emotions. The head of the band. Collects memory chips, graphics cards and processors. A well-read individual. Analyst by vocation, researcher of human emotions. She weighs, measures, hints. She is the one...


Sentimenti was born - there was an idea to create an analyzer of emotions in the text. Just an idea.

Team building

Team formation. Top scientists from the fields of linguistic engineering, neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, combined with business, formed the Sentimenti team.

EU Grants

Our innovative idea has been recognized and supported by funding from the National Center for Research and Development to the value of about EUR 1 million. At the same time, Sentimenti shareholders invested their own funds in the amount of €500k.